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Ningbo Jiayuan car refrigerator beyond imagination, exports to Central and Eastern European countries dominate

TIME:2023-06-06 18:35:01

Today (June 6), the reporter learned from Ningbo Customs that the car refrigerator produced by Ningbo Jiayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. ranked first in the world in the number of products exported to Central and Eastern European countries and the total transaction volume in 2022.


According to Shen Lijun, general manager of Ningbo Jiayuan Electronics Co., LTD., monthly sales can reach more than 70,000 units.



In October last year, the company began to set foot in the domestic market live broadcast, after several months of exploration in Taobao, Tiktok and other platforms, the current domestic market orders are increasing.




Innovation leads to high-quality development. All along, Jiayuanelectronics has been deeply engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor refrigeration refrigerators and compressor refrigeration refrigerators, constantly introducing new equipment and new technologies offline, innovation-driven product diversification, further enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other places, foreign trade business accounts for 95% of the company's total operations. In the first quarter of this year, the company's output value reached 30 million yuan, and the sales volume of multi-series car refrigerators was 150,000 units, and orders increased. At present, the car refrigerator can not only prepare iced drinks for travelers, but also play the role of food preservation, so that the quality of road trips has risen significantly. With the help of online bilingual live broadcast in Chinese and English, Jiayuan Electronics showcases new products and introduces new functions for domestic and foreign customers, and constantly expands customer channels.




Ningbo Jiayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. production of car refrigerator enjoy the market favor. "Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we did not go abroad in the first two years, and even in China, we often have trouble moving, so we will focus on the 'live broadcast economy' and promote our products through online broadcast, and eventually sell them around the world." Jiayuan Electronics general manager Shen Lijun said.



As the domestic "camping economy" continues to be hot, Jiayuan Electronics also takes advantage of the east wind and continues to introduce international advanced technologies, including PU blowing agent, thermostat, performance tester, refrigerant leakage tester, etc., laying the foundation for product diversification and extending the industrial chain. "In addition to the car camping refrigerator, we are also developing beauty refrigerator, breast milk refrigerator, champagne refrigerator, etc., while opening the idea, the product line will naturally be wider." Shen Lijun said.




Today, whether it is the change of the new energy vehicle industry or the new trend of outdoor camping, it has injected great momentum into Jiayuan Electronics. Then, on the basis of using the bilingual live broadcast platform in both Chinese and English, Jiayu Electronics will continue to introduce new concepts and new technologies, continue to practice the "internal skills", upgrade the diversified and customized car refrigerator sales model, and actively develop related new products to meet the diverse needs of customers in an all-round way, and expand the company's new space for development. (Reporter: Huge Ge)







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