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US can't escape trap of its own making

TIME:2022-07-15 15:30:37


US President Joe Biden has reportedly admitted that inflation is a "real challenge" facing the US. However, according to a report by Russian news agency TASS, he tried to shift the blame on Russia, by calling it a "Putin tax".

Whatever they might call it, the United States administration has obviously done nothing to try and control the rising inflation, instead doing things to fan its flames.

Everyone knows that military conflicts push prices higher, as whatever is manufactured by laborers in the factories or cultivated by farmers in the fields gets destroyed during a war.

That's why peace should be cherished by all, and whenever there is a conflict, efforts should be made to restore peace at the earliest. That's why China has been calling for a political solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But the US government has been doing just the opposite all along. As tensions escalated between Russia and Ukraine, the US made it worse by talking about NATO's expansion eastward. When Russia finally launched a military operation, the US organized its allies to supply weapons and prolong the conflict to "let Russia bleed".

The US is, in fact, trying to hit two birds with one stone. By keeping the military conflict going, it is making Russia bleed, so as to weaken the world's second largest military power and maintain its hegemony.

It has also turned Russia into an imaginary enemy of the whole Western world, thus strengthening its control over its allies.

But their tricks will ultimately fail. It might be trying to let Russia bleed, but the fact is the whole world is bleeding.

Now the repercussions of the conflict have reached the US people, but the US government continues to tell lies and cheat them. However, they can't fool all the people all the time.

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