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Beyond Green hotel brand celebrates World Wildlife Day

TIME:2022-07-14 17:05:18

Miavana Time+Tide lodge on a private island off the northeast coast of Madagascar engages in wildlife protection projects. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Beyond Green, a sustainability-focused brand of Preferred Hotel Group, celebrated World Wildlife Day on March 3 with its member hotels across the globe, making its environmentally friendly practices known to a wider audience.

Costa Christ, the brand leader, said: "Beyond Green is so much more than just a hotel brand-it is a movement and an understanding that we live on a beautiful yet fragile planet.

"Our members, as good hosts, a collection of hotels, resorts and lodges, are initially designed for and committed to sustainable travel and lifestyle from their DNA to transform travel into a force for good through their destinations, property design, operation actions, beliefs and staff. We can say Beyond Green member hotels are born to be sustainable."

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