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Recently, the National Health Commission "14th Five-Year Plan" national key project evaluation and acceptance results announced, by Hainan word Zongkang Science and Technology Co., LTD. (Changchun Anorectal Research Institute) Professor Wang Junqiang presided over the declaration of "hemorrhoidal iron needle technology" project (subject approval number :YYWS4982), through the National Health Commission "14th Five-Year Plan" national key project project, The completion certificate was issued, and Professor Wang Junqiang was hired as the project leader. This is another major breakthrough in the study of meteorite health by Professor Wang Junqiang.

The subject through the experts submitted the subject report materials and related results of the annex, from the scientific, normative, innovative and application value, one by one for identification, evaluation and acceptance, "hemorrhoidal disease iron needle technology" project (subject approval number :YYWS4982) won the scientific research results "first prize", included in the Chinese journal database.

The project report shows:

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common and most frequent diseases in humans, and its incidence is as high as 60% to 80% in adults, so there has been a "ten men nine hemorrhoids" since ancient times. In fact, hemorrhoids is not only a frequent occurrence of men, hemorrhoids is also a frequent occurrence of women, so this old saying as "ten people nine hemorrhoids" seems more appropriate.

From 1975 to 1977, the Ministry of Public Health analyzed 155 units in 29 regions of provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including industrial mines, government offices, schools, troops, service sectors, residents, farmers and fishermen, and the results showed that the total incidence of anal diseases was 59.1%. The patients with hemorrhoids accounted for 87.25% of the patients with anal diseases and 46.3% of the total number of patients. In each stage of various types of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoids accounted for 59.86%, mixed hemorrhoids accounted for 24.1%, external hemorrhoids accounted for 16.1%, other anorectal diseases accounted for 12.75%. In 1977, 880 people were surveyed in Guangxi Province, and 616 people were found to have hemorrhoids. Shanxi Province census 300 people, found hemorrhoids for 210 people, both the incidence of 70% and countries reported the incidence of hemorrhoids due to different investigation or inspection methods vary greatly, generally between 5~86%. In July 2002, led by the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and medical research institutes of 87 countries around the world participated in the general survey of diseases lasting more than nine months, and made systematic statistics and analysis of various major diseases endangering human life and health. In April 2003, 166 kinds of major diseases that endanger human health were announced in the world. Among these diseases, hemorrhoids have a high incidence, great harm, difficult to completely cure, and the wide range of patients seeking characteristic therapies, which has aroused widespread concern in the medical community around the world.

Hemorrhoid meteoric iron needle technology under the guidance of the National Health Commission and the general research group on regional allocation strategy of medical and health resources, included in the National Health Commission's "14th Five-Year Plan" national key topics, adding new technical means for the treatment of hemorrhoid disease, which can treat various types of hemorrhoid causes, accurate treatment, will provide technical support for clinical treatment of hemorrhoid disease, and increase the authoritative reference. It indicates that the technology level of hemorrhoidal disease diagnosis and treatment has reached a new height.

The project basis of haemorrhoidal meteoric iron needle technology

The name of hemorrhoid disease began to appear in Zhuang Zi said: "The Qin emperor was ill and called the doctor. The carbuncle and ulcer get one car, and the hemorrhoids get five cars, and the more cars are cured, the more cars. Does son treat its hemorrhoidal evil? Why do you have so many cars? I will do it!"

Motherland medicine on "hemorrhoids" literature, as early as 2000 years, China's earliest one of the medical books, "Neijing question" has been recorded, "thus full food, the veins cross solution, intestine 澼 for hemorrhoids", in the Sui and Tang era of the nest disease source and Qianjin Fang, has summarized the clinical knowledge of hemorrhoids before the Sui and Tang dynasties and its symptoms are different, Then divided into five hemorrhoids and set up the treatment of five hemorrhoids, since then more have each have clarified the theory of hemorrhoids and created a lot of valuable treatment experience, a disease of hemorrhoids leakage is an ancient and said. Modern generally contains two main diseases, such as "This disease is anal sores, there are born in the anus, there are born outside the anus, the initial tumor is not broken for hemorrhoids, easy treatment." Burst and pus blood yellow water leaching, leaching for a long time more than fistula, difficult to treat." Therefore, a kind of hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, internal and external hemorrhoids). One is called hemorrhoid fistula (anal fistula), the former also includes anal fissure, thrombus hemorrhoids, proctocele, polyps hemorrhoids, along the anal hemorrhoids, and so on. The latter is often caused by the sequelae of anal carbuncle, hanging carbuncle, stork mouth, horse carbuncle, straddle horse carbuncle and other boils around the anus. Therefore, all the diseases related to hemorrhoids and fistula, modern medicine called: internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, incarcerated hemorrhoids, split hemorrhoids, anal fistula, perianal abscess, rectal polyps, rectal prolapse, anal papilloma, perianal eczema, anal stenosis and other diseases.

Etiology: The cause of hemorrhoid disease is more, summed up in total nothing more than wind, dryness, humidity, heat four evils combined with deficiency, or by moodiness, Qi and blood stasis of the rectum, nodules into a block. It can be divided into the following types:

1, dietary reasons :1.1, overeating 煿. 1.2 Hunger and satiety disorder. 1.3 Overeating is raw and cold. 1.4. Excessive alcohol consumption. 1.5, indulge in fat. 1.6, overeating spicy. 2. Reasons for daily living :2.1. Sedentary. 2.2. Travel with weight. 2.3. Excessive sex. Third, other causes :3.1, long-term diarrhea. 3.2. Chronic constipation. 3.3, excessive physical weakness. 3.4. Pregnancy and birth. According to the above reasons, all can make Qi and blood, meridians interleaving, resulting in blood stasis and turbidite into the anus and hemorrhoids.

Modern medicine believes that with the deepening of human research on hemorrhoids, new understanding and progress are emerging in an endless stream, and experts from various countries have proposed a variety of hemorrhoidal etiology theories, such as varicose vein theory, angiogenesis theory, anal liner downshifting theory, bacterial infection theory, anal canal stenosis theory, hemorrhoidal hernia formation theory, pressure gradient theory and genetic theory.

Although hemorrhoids disease is only a local disease of the anus, but people get the positive qi of heaven and earth, and Yin and Yang, five elements, Qi and blood, meridians, zang-fu organs are closely related. All animals between heaven and earth have eyes, nose, ears and mouth before and after Yin called nine orifice, all orifice to benefit life maintenance, if there is a disability or occlusion can endanger life, the importance of the nine orifice on the human body should be paid attention to. Although there are two holes outside the nose, the nose shape is one, and the nose is two holes inside the nose. The nose and vulva are in reverse proportion, although there is a hole outside the front Yin, the inside is two orifies, one essence orifies and one urine orifies. According to the nine orifice of the human body, the upper part is double orifice, the lower part is single orifice. The junction of the nose and the lip has been a ditch for the boundary name of the person, which is the boundary of the double single orifice. Press the symbol of double orifice (?) For the kun, the single orifith (?) In order to leave, the single orificum in the orificum before Yin does not need to use the outside orificum symbol (?) As a barrier, the so-called congenital Qianhe becomes the day after tomorrow. Dry Kang tai, the Kun is gentle. The ridge is sunken, and the separated are separated. Mouth and Yin before and after dry, when the health movement. Mouth can be healthy rice, urine and bowel health, then people's body and mind healthy, a health is not healthy, disease. Therefore, the mouth and before and after Yin can not stop working for a moment, empty will eat, a full then excretion, not for a while or rest.

However, the depression of the double orifice of the body, after the person from the mother's womb, daily affairs, external while too much, the body spirit day into the moon empty, so that the body spirit day, the audiovisual breathing will eventually be defective ability, so the spirit in the ear is deaf, caught in the eye is blind, caught in the nose is short of breath. If the eyes, ears and nose are invagination at the time of death, that is, this physiology does not exist, so the mouth and the front and back Yin three orifice can not be depressed. Lower mouth and before and after Yin three orifices, mouth from diet, genitals from sex, urine and urine from the toilet are zang fu failure, this is the Qiankun kan from the four hexagram outside the image, but also the theory of Zang Fu Xiang, such as: dry one first bone lung gold, mouth birth two lung gold run, the mind of three jiao from the fire, four eyes liver foot sound shock, Qi wind five mu Xun, Kan water six ear blood kidney, hand bone nose back seven dugen, Spleen soil stomach Kun eight shun, disease with medicine and guidance, take the fill from the original...... As well as the theoretical basis of five rounds, eight corners, eight trigraphs and other theories, through further development, he can observe different changes in the eye as a basis for identifying hemorrhoids or other diseases, which needs to be further explored.

There are no obvious symptoms at the beginning of hemorrhoidal disease, but with the development and change of the disease, it will produce frequent blood in the stool, hemorrhoidal enlargement and prolapse and swelling, pain and other symptoms, such as years and months can not be effectively treated, the stool left over from stool is easy to ferment in the large intestine. The gases and pollutants in the large intestine such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbonate, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfite gas, indole, methyl indole, methane, ammonia, mold, etc. are abnormally absorbed by the body, and the re-absorption through respiration can cause intestinal peristalsis to slow down, the disharmony between Yin and Yang, endocrine disorders, and the dysfunction of the viscera. Make people insomnia and dreams, the body becomes weak, serious can also cause anemia, constipation.... The possibility of inducing heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage, rectal cancer, diabetes, pulmonary infection, sexual dysfunction and other diseases, seriously damage people's physical and mental health, cause mental burden and psychological pressure, seriously affect people's normal life, labor, work and study, shorten people's lives, resulting in unnatural death.

Dialectic: The dialectic of hemorrhoids, such as internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids, the main difference is due to the difference in the location, it is described as follows:

First, internal hemorrhoids are born in the anus, above the dentate line, each in the left middle right front right rear. 1.1, the initial hemorrhoidal nucleus is very small, soft, the surface of the hemorrhoidal nucleus is bright red or purple, often due to the friction of the stool, the blood or a line such as arrows or drops unceasingly, no pain, can not be removed from the anus. 1.2, the middle hemorrhoidal nucleus is large, stool can be removed from the anus, after stool can recover by itself. 1.3, the larger hemorrhoidal nucleus in the late period of stool out of the anus, even in coughing, walking or standing for a long time will also be out, out of the can not recover, must be pushed back by hand or flat to return, and finally often out of the quality of the hemorrhoidal nucleus is slightly hard, the surface of the white microband, the shape of the hemorrhoids or long or round or large or small or such as arbayus or tomato. 1.4, the main symptoms of hemorrhoids such as the above blood in the stool, due to the increase of hemorrhoids affect stool difficulties, adverse urination, and because of excessive blood in the stool can cause qi and blood loss, pale yellow, listless spirit, but also because hemorrhoids can not be retract outside the anus, the occurrence of swelling pain, ulceration and necrosis, and due to suppuration can secondary anal fistula. 1.5, the difference between internal hemorrhoids and other diseases :1.5.1, polyps and hemorrhoids: endorectal coral-like mass, thin and tender, thin roots, bright red color. 1.5.2, anus lock hemorrhoids: the mass does not come out of the anus, the quality is hard and convex, the anus is narrow, the stool becomes fine or the stool resembles dysentery. 1.5.3 Anal fissure: It usually occurs at both ends of the anterior and posterior median lines of the perineum and the caudal bone. There are bright red cracks in the anus, painful stool, and a small amount of blood. 1.5.4 Rectal prolapse :, rectal prolapse, its color is light red, the shape is spiral and has layers, its quality is hard. Rectal mucosal prolapse, annular or partial mucosal ptosis, its color is bright red, its quality is soft, no hemorrhoidal high protrusion, slightly bleeding.

Second, external hemorrhoids: born outside the anus, under the dentate line, the skin flap occurs, gradually increases, according to the quality is hard, smooth, generally no pain, and no bleeding, occasionally feel pain when inflammation goes away, the skin flap still exists after the inflammation, if the flap occurs in the middle of the front and back, there are more anal fuses, if it occurs in the left, right, front and back of the anus, there are more internal hemorrhoids, If it is annular or corolla, it has a history of menstruation. 2.1, the difference between external hemorrhoids and other diseases :2.1.1, thrombus hemorrhoids, mostly born on the left and right sides of the anus, suddenly swollen bumps, oval shape, blue color, according to the hard old slippery, the pain is heavier. 2.1.2 Along the anal hemorrhoids, the anal skin is flat and raised, milky or gray, exudates with odd odor, itching or stinging. 2.1.3 Anal eczema: rough skin around the anus, eczema and exudation. 2.1.4 Anal carbuncle: swollen pain around the anus, gradually suppurative collapse. 2.1.5 Anal fistula: there are ulcer holes outside the anus and often discharge pus.

Third, mixed hemorrhoids: that is, the symptoms of the above internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, but often internal hemorrhoids growth site and external hemorrhoids connected, so the disease occurs in the anus left, right front and right rear, especially in the right front more common.

Treatment: The treatment of hemorrhoids since ancient times, there are no less than 100 kinds of treatment methods, and the famous generations have created many effective treatment methods such as: internal treatment, acupuncture, moxibustion treatment, guidance method, ironing treatment, fumigation and washing, external application. More developed to dry hemorrhoids method, ligation method, injection method, laser method, electric ion method, surgical resection method and so on. In short, the internal treatment is based on the different sources of diseases, different constitutions, so the prescription is different. External treatment is also based on internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids and different symptoms, such as the size of the hemorrhoid nucleus, the texture of the soft and hard, the strength of the patient's body, so it is also divided into palliative and radical treatment.

Acupuncture therapy is an effective palliative therapy and radical therapy, and in ancient times is also one of the earliest medical methods, and this science is also with the development of stone needle into stone needle, stone needle into the metal age and created nine metal needles. "Ask said: nine needles how famous, originated from the heaven and earth large number of life, starting from one and finally nine, heaven and earth people music rhythm star, wind wild 9981, the needle should be its number of yellow clock, skin flesh muscles sheng Yin and Yang, teeth qi nine joints pass." This proves that it is one of the oldest acupuncture treatments. Using it to treat diseases, through the function of acupoint meridians, make meridians smooth, Qi and blood and regulate, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating diseases and restoring health. The art of acupuncture and moxibustion, the ancient healing began as a wish, followed by stone needle, guidance, and decoction after stone needle, today's acupuncture and moxibustion, almost the meaning of stone needle. According to historical records: 65 million years ago, a special meteorite in the southwest of Shandong, meteorite impact on the surface of the rock explosion, in the high temperature, high pressure plasma environment, interplanetary material and the surface of the rock blend, infiltration, and finally the formation of pumice stone on the surface, with it made of medical tools are stone stone.

"Hemorrhoid meteorite needle technology (i.e., sharp needle knife)" is made of stone iron meteorite. It draws the essence of ancient and modern acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, explains the shortcomings of the past and the essence of stone, and inspires the rules of future learning. In order to promote China's unique incurable science, "cure chronic diseases" of the magic, the universal TCM acupuncture and moxibination and devoted to the development of "hemorrhoid disease iron needle technology" is practical and scientific major topics.

There is a beginning and an end to everything. Removing hemorrhoids and restoring health is a new topic of "hemorrhoids meteoric iron needle technology" to explore more prominent curative effect, immediate results, one treatment, no need for hospitalization, cost saving, less pain, not easy to relapse, no obvious complications and sequelae, and so on.

Meteorites are supernatural objects, extraterrestrial visitors, floating as stars, scattered as meteorites. Or on the side of the road, or in the garden, the person who sees it, can think hard and find out the origin of this stone. Chondrite does not exist hydrosilicate, is the pure Yang body, is the essence of Yang. The subtle substances contained in the meteorite are: titanium, nickel, sulfur, magnesium, silicon, aluminum, calcium and oxygen (hydrogen), which not only has spiritual power, can prevent and cure diseases, but also carry it with you, and can also prevent diseases, which was regarded as sacred by the ancients.

"Hemorrhoid disease iron needle technology" is the choice of fine substances beneficial to the human body and more 500~1700 Hz energy, it is in a constant state of motion, its electron and positive nucleus are in a rapid and orderly vibration frequency, operating in the meridians and acupoints of the human body, release the narrow and hardened fiber focus tissue, in order to clear the meridians, adjust the endocrine, Promote intestinal peristalsis, improve blood circulation, relieve sphincter spasm, reduce rectal pressure, reduce hemorrhoidal venous blood stasis, so that the anal canal tissue to return to normal activity, with the promotion of hemorrhoidal nucleus immediately collapse and disappear "hemorrhoidal disease quick coagulator" (also manufactured by the iron, department of Professor Wang Junqiang patent technology), you can achieve immediate results, one-time treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, restore health purposes. Thus the hemorrhoids are gone, the anus is beautiful, it makes people feel comfortable, refreshed, and enhances the resistance and immunity.

Studies have found that "hemorrhoidal iron needle technology" has played a positive role in promoting intestinal peristalsis, harmonizing viscera, adjusting endocrine, enhancing resistance and immunity, delaying aging, preventing hemorrhoids and treating hemorrhoids, and treating constipation, acute and chronic colitis, colon Crohn's disease and other diseases.

The person takes qi as the base, the breath as the yuan, the heart as the root, the kidney as the root, the Yin and Yang of the day, the change of the rise and fall, the harmony of nature, the water and fire are both at peace, and the heaven and the people are exchanged.

"Hemorrhoidal iron needle technology" is a famous Chinese medicine expert in China. Professor Wang Junqiang, the inventor of the characteristic therapy of anorectal diseases and Taihao Miaofeng needle, has experienced more than 30 years of clinical practice experience and dedicated research, traveled mountains and rivers, visited famous people, tirelessly, at all costs. Xuanyuan yellow Emperor and other meteorite carving specimens; In the Qing Dynasty, the literature and cultural relics of acupuncture bronze figure, acupuncture wall map, meteorite medicine roller, acupuncture needle and so on were greatly inspired. The purpose is to inherit and carry forward the ancestors' fine tradition of "treating deep-rooted ills", and pass this spirit from generation to generation, carry it forward, and take the bright road of harmony between heaven and man and a harmonious society. And make use of these rare treasures to better serve the physical and mental health of human beings and contribute to the development of TCM acupuncture. According to Bao Xizhi, the founder of the humanities, Professor Wang Junqiang observed the six Qi to examine Yin and Yang, and the four times the rise and fall of water and fire can have an image, the dragon and horse negative diagram began to draw the eight diagrams, the taste of medicine to cure people's disease, the treatment of the fu-organs to cultivate the viscera of the disease, along with its surface to thin its inside, the Xiang its meridian to regulate its qi, and the selection of the whole body and the viscera organs, from the function has been maintained a special connection in some form. With 100 veins and smooth, hair orifice are through, up to mud balls, down to Yongquan..... Through the body's blood vessels and nerves (endocrine glands) and large and small intestine functions to maintain constant contact, the "Changqiang" point, which regulates Yin and Yang, and the local "A Shi" point in the anus, in order to release the narrow and sclerosing fiber lesions in the anal canal, dreg the meridians, reduce rectal pressure, relieve sphincter spasm, relieve pain, improve Qi and blood circulation, and promote intestinal peristalsis. The principle of perfect integration of acquired qi and innate 炁 can increase the magnetic field of supporting Yang, stimulate the magnetic field energy of the human body, and break down the pathogenic stasis and block, so that the pathogenic pathogens and blockage are dredging with the meridian Yang movement, and the blood flow activity promotes the discharge of urine and feces. In this way, the viscera, the five organs, the limbs, the brain, the essence, the qi, and the God are all in a state of unobstructed, lifting Yang and expelling Yin to remove evil. Thus, in accordance with the changes of the eight images of the universe dictated by Bao Xizhi, the founder of humanity, the "meteorite needle" made of stone and iron meteorites was selected. "Meteor iron needle" is a whole utility model patent needle composed of needle tip, needle body, positioning line and front needle, such a small and exquisite structure, the treatment of patients unconsciously in the operation, can avoid the patient's fear of the scalpel psychology. It embodies the principle of simplicity, convenience, honesty and efficiency.

Operation method of "hemorrhoid disease iron needle technology" : patients were taken to lithotomy position or lateral lying position, routine disinfection, and anesthesia at waist and Yu point. 1. The hemorrhoid nucleus was pulled out with mouse tooth forceps, and the base was held with curved hemostatic forceps to cut off excess hemorrhoid nucleus. 2. Hold the needle in the left hand, and the food middle finger in the right hand, enter into the anus to guide the expansion of the anus. Insert the needle into the anal canal outside the acupoint of the anus and inside the internal and external sphincter to reach the tooth line (pay attention to avoiding the vascular area), expand the anus with the right hand, and slowly pull the needle edge outward to release the narrow and hardening fiber lesion tissue in the anus with the four fingers of the anal expansion as the degree. Anal injection of menthol light powder bacteriostatic cream (a product developed by Professor Wang Junqiang), external gauze fixed. 3. Acupuncture Changqiang point is one inch deep. 3.1, where the supplementary needle, when the twist is slightly deep into the minute can be lifted and then twisted into, round trip. When the needle is out, the blood disease can be fixed with a sterilized cotton ball according to its hole and an external sterilizing patch. 3.2 Where it is a purging needle, when the twist slightly upward to lift the extra trip to lift it again, back and forth. When the needle is out, the needle should not be drained according to its hole, and it can be fixed by external disinfection tape. The true meaning of supplementing and draining with the needle has been regarded as a secret through the ages, and it is easy not to declare. As the ancients say: thousands of miles to visit famous teachers, thousands of miles to seek formula, formula unknown, acupuncture is not working. To be sincere, a lot of fraud, handy, it will have immediate results, a treatment, no need for hospitalization, not easy to relapse, cost saving, little pain, no obvious complications and sequelae. So whether men, women, young and old people of all ethnic groups, as long as they receive this treatment, they can pour Huagai luck every day and every hour, and they are naturally healthy and sound.

"Hemorrhoids disease iron needle technology" can be widely used in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, perianal abscess, anal papilloma, rectal polyp, rectal prolapse, perianal eczema, anal stenosis and other diseases. There are no obvious contraindications except for serious heart, brain, liver, kidney and blood diseases and pregnant women. After the operation, the condition should be closely observed and the precautions should be strictly followed, such as keeping the local clean and applying the menthol light powder antibacterial cream every day. Eat more food containing fiber, keep stool unobstructed, review regularly, and see a doctor at any time when there are changes.

We can admit that when the cause of hemorrhoids is removed, we can return to health. Eliminating pain and delaying aging can be achieved.

As long as we do not forget our original intention and forge ahead, we will achieve more satisfactory results, produce better social and economic benefits, better serve human physical and mental health, and make greater contributions to the construction of the country and the development of traditional Chinese medicine!

Introduction of Professor Wang Junqiang, moderator:

Professor Wang Junqiang is a famous contemporary Chinese medicine expert, anorectal disease expert, "millions of talents into Hainan" the first to be recruited senior Chinese medicine talents. For more than 30 years, he has been brave to explore, not forgetting his original heart, studying hard, studying various ancient medical monographs and classics, and applying the principle of Yin and Yang mutual performance and five elements to the characteristic therapies of traditional Chinese medicine that he has developed. Professor Wang Junqiang is currently an expert of National Science and Technology Library review, director of Hainan Meteorite and Life Health Research Center, Chairman of Hainan Yizizong Kangyang Technology Co., LTD. (Outpatient Department of Yizong Primary Health Care Service (Haikou, Hainan)), and president of Changchun Anorectal Research Institute.

For more than 30 years, he has passed the long-term clinical practice of basic Chinese medical research, studied the way of medicine (easy) and life preservation and the philosophy of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and created the unique treatment of anorectal diseases and Taihao Miaofeng acupuncture, as well as the five-star moxibustion health promotion project. These inventions have obtained national invention patents: national continuing education project of traditional Chinese medicine, national key plan promotion project of scientific and technological achievements, and Chinese medicine health service to the world's preferred project. He was invited to participate in dialogues and exchanges with diplomats of thirty countries and presidents of ten countries to jointly discuss human health and civilization. It has received attention and praise from the medical industry and the majority of patients at home and abroad, and has been reported by the domestic major media disputes.

Professor Wang Junqiang said that in ancient China, traditional Chinese medicine recognized that many stones can cure diseases. The medical role of meteorites is recorded in the famous "Compendium of Materia Medica" : "Meteorites treat adults and children with convulsions, women with pregnancy, cold pain in the abdomen, oligospermia and other diseases." The study found that the meteorite has 106 kinds of minerals and a variety of trace elements, which contain the most important 14 kinds of trace elements of the human body on the earth, the medical effect of the meteorite, the "healing" of the meteorite on the human body, is actually through the "resonance" to convert the low-frequency energy state of the human electromagnetic field. The energy of meteorites can play a role in channelling meridians, promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, sterilization, lowering blood sugar and so on.

Professor Wang Junqiang's micro-acupotomy for anobowel disease (meteoric iron needle) is made of meteoric iron material, including the point of the needle, the needle handle, and the needle with a blade as a whole. Its structure reflects the concept of "harmony between nature and man" in traditional Chinese medicine. During treatment, acupuncture with a sharp needle knife at a specific point in the anal margin to loosen the narrow and hardened fiber tissue in the anal, in order to clear the meridians and promote intestinal peristalsis, with the external use of traditional Chinese medicine decoction alum solution, to promote the hemorrhoids withered, the effect is immediate, can treat all kinds of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistula, perianal abscess, anal outlet stenosis constipation and other diseases. And it has the advantages of no need for hospitalization, less pain, less cost, not easy to relapse, no obvious complications and sequelae.

Professor Wang Junqiang's anorectal micro-sharp knife, Taihao Miaofeng needle and other treatment technologies fully reflect the advantages of simple and inexpensive Chinese medicine, loved by the majority of patients and their families, every day to receive conditioning patients in an endless stream, need to make an appointment in advance for treatment, many patients at home and abroad to conditioning. Professor Wang Junqiang used his Chinese medicine skills to relieve the pain of patients all over the country and even the world, and let Feng acupuncture wonderful technique go to the world and serve human health.

The purpose of Professor Wang Junqiang's development of "meteorite moxibustion (meteorite iron needle)" and "hemorrhoidal iron needle" and other technologies is to inherit and carry forward the natural laws of Yin and Yang, five elements of health and control revealed by Taihao Fuxi as early as the ancient times, taste medicine to cure people's ills, to cure people's chronic diseases and other fine traditions. And the spirit of "treating no disease" and "eliminating the source of disease" is passed down from generation to generation and carried forward. Take the unity of heaven and man, the bright road of harmonious society. People suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, perianal abscesses and chronic and difficult diseases in various clinical departments can recover their health as soon as possible. Weight loss for obese people; Make people who love beauty have delicate features and lines, smooth and delicate skin, show fairy appearance and jade appearance, and reproduce youthful vitality. Thus, the body is strong, the soul is strong, the spirit is long, and the immunity and resistance of people are enhanced. Effective prevention to reduce the occurrence of disease. To better serve the physical and mental health of human beings, and make greater contributions to the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

On May 19 and June 19, 2023, the "meteorite moxibustion Treatment without disease" and "meteorite iron acupuncture treatment without disease" and "hemorrhoidal iron acupuncture technology" were developed by Professor Wang Junqiang as sub-topics of the National key project "Regional Allocation Strategy Research of Medical and Health Resources" of the National Health Commission "14th Five-Year Plan" (project approval number: Meteorite moxibustion treatment of no disease (YYWS809413) and meteorite iron needle treatment of no disease (YYWS4981) and hemorrhoidal iron needle technology YWS4982, by the subject expert group identification, through the conclusion of acceptance, and through the expert group from the scientific, standardized, innovative and application value of the evaluation, has won the "first prize".

Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of the Chinese nation. It is Professor Wang Junqiang's unswerving pursuit to make Chinese medicine take scientific and technological innovation as the development path and benefit people's health. Professor Wang Junqiang's "meteorite moxibustion treatment of disease" and "meteorite iron acupuncture treatment of disease" and "hemorrhoidal iron acupuncture technology" are the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and will have a great role in promoting the cause of Chinese medicine in China. In the "iron meteorite needle treatment of disease" and "meteorite moxibustion treatment of disease" and "hemorrhoid disease iron meteorite needle technology", walk in the forefront of the country. Professor Wang Junqiang has made remarkable achievements in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine and brought the Gospel of health to tens of thousands of patients. He has been awarded the honorary title of "Huaxia Hero" by the CPPCC National Committee; By the National People's Congress, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other 23 ministries and commissions jointly awarded the "Chinese medicine China Outstanding contribution Award", by the party and the relevant state leaders received. Professor Wang Junqiang was also invited to join the United Nations Global Compact, become a member of the World Medical Association, and won the honorary title of "International Image Ambassador of Traditional Chinese Medicine".

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