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TERRIS ZHANG showcases Expo Fashion Week

TIME:2023-03-16 23:05:16

TERRIS ZHANG showcases brand at China International Consumer Products Expo Fashion Week

Recently, TERRIS ZHANG appeared at the China International Consumer Products Expo Fashion Week in Haikou, Hainan, along with the PAKEMAZHANG brand. The young designer showcased a collection with an environmental theme at this Expo, marking his first time exhibiting his works at a comprehensive domestic trade show.

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On the same day, the Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau and Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, along with several designer brands, held a strategic signing ceremony to establish a deep cooperation relationship between Sanya and well-known brands from China and abroad, demonstrating the international, open, inclusive and diverse image of Sanya as a tourist destination. Several fashion brands, including designers from Hong Kong, held new product fashion shows on the main stage and seaside runway, attracting many exhibitors and audiences.

TERRIS ZHANG is committed to sustainable development of the planet and the environment. He uses sustainable raw materials and imbues his designs with care and warmth through more environmentally friendly approaches, creating true sustainable fashion. The brand's customized production avoids overproduction and allows each consumer to trace the materials, design concepts, production processes, and stories behind each product, deepening their understanding of design and creativity while enhancing the quality of each item, making each product a unique and irreplaceable presence.

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