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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi highly recognizes BUFITE Motors

TIME:2023-08-29 14:20:02

BUFITE Motors celebrated a very significant day on the morning of August 26, 2023, 10am. Cuz Matteo Renzi, the 56th Prime Minister of Italy, visited the BUFITE Motors (Beijing) Art Museum to observe the completion ceremony of the new museum and unveil the new ultra luxury full size SUV, the BUFITE 600, to experience luxury driving firsthand.


all employees and important leaders of BUFITE Motors welcomed the Prime Minister along the way. Mr. Qin Hongyang, Chairman of BUFITE Motors, shook hands and greeted Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and presented pre prepared flowers to express gratitude to the Prime Minister for coming amidst his busy schedule.


Mr. Zhou Xinlong, Our General Manager of BUFITE Motors, accompanied the Prime Minister throughout the tour of the venue and invited the Prime Minister to take a seat in the exclusive BUFITE S model. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi greatly praised the luxurious appearance and comfort displayed by the BUFITE S.


At the end of the experience, the Prime Minister signed a signature for BUFITE S, expressing recognition and love for this luxury car.


and then, all the guests, guided by our host, entered the audience area of the stage to welcome today's highlight: the launch ceremony of the new BUFITE 600 car product.


As a benchmark product for redefining SUVs, the BUFITE 600 has been designed by a German design company for its exterior. The team has previously created customized upgrade kits for Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and Toyota, and not only has an international technology research and development team, but also all are produced according to German standards.


While everyone was amazed by the extraordinary appearance of BUFITE 600, We  honored to invite Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to unveil the new car. After the unveiling, Mr. Zhou Xinlong invited the Prime Minister to take a seat , and the Prime Minister also became the world's first guest to experience this legendary luxury car, adding a legendary touch to it.


After testing the new product, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi made a special speech on stage during his time,expressing recognition for the BUFITE automotive brand and giving high praise to Buffett's products, we hope to further strengthen mutual communication and cooperation in the future, and present more excellent customized automotive products to global consumers.


After the speech, guests gathered on stage to observe the ribbon cutting ceremony and opening the Beijing BUFITE Automotive Art Museum. 


Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has specially awarded the honor of strategic partner of QIAO THINK TANK to BUFITE Motors. In the future, both sides will continue to work together to create a blueprint.


At the final symposium, BUFITE Motors had in-depth discussions with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and their views on the future transformation of luxury in the automotive industry coincided. The Prime Minister hopes to introduce more local Italian car brands and designers to China for exchange in the future, in order to integrate Chinese and Western cultures and jointly create.Even in the future, we will continue to promote further cooperation between both parties, collaborate on the development of disruptive high-end customized models, sell them to Europe and America, and serve more personalized customers worldwide.



 The visit of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also means that BUFITE Motors has gained increasing attention in the field of customized cars and is gradually moving towards the world, becoming a rising industry star, and will inevitably present more excellent car design works to consumers.

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